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Non Profit Hosting only: Turnleft Hosting provides cheap hosting to activists, educators and students.  We do not work with for-profit companies. We do not work with anyone who espouses hate-speech, supports war, racism, homophobia and any anti-social cause or behavior. We do not provide space for any commercial purposes.

Hosting: 6000 yen/60 U.S. dollars per year for 5 GB space/50 GB bandwidth, including an email account, mailing list and access to various software such as WordPress, Joomla, etc. The amount of space/bandwith can be increased based on mutual agreement at low cost. A domain name is needed.

Low budget: If you are on a low budget, please contact us about cheaper options, including donated hosting.

Design: If you want us to design your website, the average cost will be a one-time charge of 10,000 yen/100 U.S. dollars for a small site such as For a large site such as, the design cost will be more, or we could suggest other designers. We ONLY offer these services for sites we host, the exception being if your host is itself an NPO (such as 

Maintenance: If you need regular work on your site (changing content, etc.), please contact us about a maintenance plan. Usually this would cost about 10,000 yen/100 U.S. dollars a year.

Donations : 

Please support our work. This includes costs involved in providing low budget and donated hosting as well as TokyoProgressive, our Japanese and English site providing news and activism-related commentary. Donations/寄付 can be sent to us via PayPal or Donately. You can also click on the buttons below to make a one-time donation.

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