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W●HALO is all about inspiration.  We will work with clients to create visuals for their products that will inspire. Of the millions of illustrations and photographs one comes across in magazines, newspapers, flyers and other media, only a very few succeed in drawing us to them. Those visuals not only have an impact on our eyes but also possess the power to inspire us.  We believe that the key to producing such successful visuals is close collaboration between us and the client.

W●HALO will consult and closely work with our clients to create compelling visual materials, the goal being to expand the clients’ visibility through those visuals.  

We create inspirational visual materials such as illustrations, storyboards, and flyers, incorporating illustrator-owner Wakana Yokota’s  original artwork.  

We understand the importance of each client’s vision; after thoroughly consulting with our clients about their ideas, we will create  the best visual materials to match the product and the message.  Moreover, we, whenever necessary, aim to help our clients clarify their expectations about the final product so that they will be satisfied with the results. 


W●HALO  is engaged with entertainment-related artwork and graphic design. Our main services are:

For magazines, flyers or postcards. 

For films, commercials, and music videos. 

 For flyers, posters or post cards

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