Free Plan (donations requested)


Contact us at our main site, TokyoProgressive. Please let us know:

1) Your name, location and intended purpose of web site

2) Which items you are interested in

Hosting, email address, software: 

1) We will arrange free, reliable hosting for your web site and—if you need it—an email address. You can then create your own site.

2) We will install popular software such as Word Press, a Blog, etc. You are responsible for maintaining the software. Ask us if there is a particular piece of software you are interested in.

3) If you want a mailing list to communicate with others, please let us know.


    a) You need a domain name for the above. If you do not have one, we can make suggestions. A domain name usually costs about 10-20 US dollars a year. The website, emai address and softwarel are free.

    b) We cannot provide everyone with a free website. Priority will be given to activists, students and educators with a social justice message. We do ask for a donation to help support our work, so if you wish, donations can be sent to us via PayPal or our other payment processor. People who would like to support our project are also welcome to donate.

    c) For your information, the cost of the above services is normally about 40 US dollars a year. If we cannot provide you with a free plan, but you would be ok with a paid service, please let us know.

If we cannot help you, we can also recommend other free and reasonably priced providers that specialise in non profit, community work.




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