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Turnleft Hosting provides free and discounted services to activists, educators and students.  We do not work with for-profit companies. We do not work with anyone who espouses hate-speech, supports war, racism, homophobia and any anti-social cause or behavior. The actual services are provided by our own provider,

social justice, anti-racism, anti-war,  health care for all, anti-poverty, gender justice, anti-capitalism, nuclear-free, people-not corporations

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If we are unable to offer you a free hosting package, we can help you find a reasonable hosting package at our own host, or another reputable provider.

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Please support our work. This includes costs involved in providing free hosting as well as our TokyoProgressive, our Japanese and English site providing news and activism-related commentary. Donations/寄付 can be sent to us via PayPal or Donately. You can also click on the buttons below to make a one-time donation.

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